The Ocean Floor


A stranger by the beach. Bodies hidden and displayed. A short tale of desire, animal instinct and the unexplored depths of the ocean floor.

The camera sweeps the ocean floor and then surfaces into a nigh- abandoned beach. A pale, scrawny kid sits in the distance, overdressed with a jacket and baseball cap on. Headphones plugged in, we can’t make out his face buried deep inside his phone.

Near the sea, a young beautiful couple enjoy the weather. Dressed in skimpy swimwear they fool around, drunken with the happiness of love.

No one else is around.


Directed by Federico Urdaneta
Produced by Natalia Guarín
Cinematography by Jeremy Valender
Music by James Wignall
Edited by Jasper Verhorevoort

Video above is the trailer. Full-length film available upon request.